Integrating polymer lining technology with pipeline fabrication and installation

Pipelines are strategic business assets. They require significant expenditure investment. It’s preferable if they operate with minimum downtime for maintenance. Visualise a high pressure pipeline operating on the seabed or buried in a remote location. Intervention may not be an option. A Project Management Team is evaluating options; searching for the lowest cost, technically competent method of providing internal corrosion protection to the pipeline system.

Increased carbon steel (CS) wall thickness, chemical treatments, non-metallic pipelines and the use of corrosion resistant alloys were considered in tandem a polymer lined CS pipeline. Depending upon the service application, each or the above methods has merits for selection. In a growing range of high pressure applications, the decision to select a polymer lined CS pipeline will generally be founded on the following key points:

    • Polymer liner system provides proven corrosion resistance for extended service life

    • The polymer liner system can be tested end to end to prove the corrosion barrier integrity

    • Fully welded CS pipeline with no flanged connections enables very high pressure operations

    • Liner system design ensures subsea installation by any method or onshore construction

    • Need for operational maintenance is minimal due to the liner system properties

A polymer liner system can produce the lowest cost, technically acceptable total Capex budget for a project requiring corrosion resistance in aggressive service for extended service life. The Opex benefits result from the liner system engineering and construction methods developed to minimise the need for intervention during operations. The Integrated Lining System optimises the overall cost of building, installing and operating a pipeline.



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