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New Website Under Construction

We are in the process of building our new and improved Swagelining company website, which is due to completion in the near future. Watch this space for more information!

Swagelining Limited New Address

Effective Monday 6th February 2017, Swagelining Limited have relocated to the following address:-

River Clyde House, Erskine Ferry Road, Old Kilpatrick, Glasgow, G60 5EU

Telephone number - 01389 801820

Direct dial telephone numbers can be advised via the telephone number above.

‘Swagelining’ installs longest polymer lined subsea WI system to date, using novel winching solution with polymer rope

Swagelining Limited have recently successfully completed the installation of a polymer liner system for a 46km 12” WI pipeline, for operation in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

This project, carried out at Subsea 7’s Vigra spoolbase, utilised the first time use of a constant tension winch, spooled with a braided Dyneema rope. A ‘horseshoe’ type layout was designed for the site, to maximise the installation lengths of 1500 metres, using available working space.

Handling, construction and installation benefits were realised by employing this system, providing the platform for the project to be delivered safely, on time and within budget.

Further details of our involvement can be found in the published ‘InnovOil’ article : Click here

Swagelining Limited launches LinerBridge® Suite of Videos

Swagelining Limited is pleased to announce the addition of the LinerBridge® suite of videos to our website.

These videos have been produced to enable visitors to quickly gain an overview of this innovative connection technology, along with additional information on its development, applications, benefits offered and details of construction.

The fully-weldable, all polymer LinerBridge® connector was developed by Swagelining to address constraints presented by existing CRA connectors. Development has allowed a significant reduction in fabrication complexity, a step change in risk assessment and the potential to open new markets for polymer lined carbon steel pipelines – such as installation from s-lay barges.

Please take the opportunity to view these videos on our Videos & Animations page and contact us at team@swagelining.com should further information be required on the technology.

North Sea work brings world firsts for Swagelining Limited

Swagelining Limited has completed work across eight North Sea assets over the last 12 months, including a number of world firsts for the technology.

These contracts saw Swagelining design, fabricate and install almost 90km of polymer liners into water injection pipeline in total, and included ‘first uses’ of the technology by four major operators.

The work has involved the lining of a 4” line, the smallest ever subsea water injection system to be polymer lined, whilst a further project saw Swagelining’s longest pulls to date for 1515m stalks on a 14” pipeline. Projects have been constructed for installation in both bundles and by reel lay vessel.

Swagelining’s Technology Development Group (TDG) are also currently working with operators to develop testing plans and programmes for material qualification, spearheading the development of new products and processes in polymer lining technology.

As well as the current JIP for sour service application at elevated temperatures, the TDG is also working on materials testing programmes in conjunction with two major operators to extend the boundaries for higher temperature water injection service, whilst incorporating the LinerBridge®, Swagelining’s weldable polymer connector, into the test programme.

Swagelining aims to continue working closely with the industry and professional bodies, encouraging operators to consider the use of polymer lining when planning and designing new pipeline systems.

Swagelining Limited collaborate with Xodus Subsea Systems on polymer lining solutions article

Swagelining Limited have collaborated with global subsea engineering services specialists ‘Xodus Subsea’ to produce an informative article on why polymer lining solutions should be considered for internal corrosion protection in ever widening applications. This article which appeared in the May 2015 (OTC) edition of Offshore Engineer may be viewed in full via http://www.oedigital.com/component/k2/item/8931-plastic-fantastic

Swagelining Limited teams with TWI and Saudi Aramco to agree Framework for Industry JIP

Swagelining Limited, TWI Ltd and Saudi Aramco have agreed a framework in order to facilitate the progression of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) - Service Performance and Life Prediction of Polymer Lined Steel Pipe and Tubulars - Polymer Lined Pipe & Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

The objective of this JIP is to determine the degree of corrosion protection offered by an extruded polymer or built composite liner, of a carbon steel surface from a sour (H2S containing) fluid environment. In the first instance the polymer liner material will be chosen from the polyethylene, polyamide and polyvinylidene fluoride families. Swagelining Limited's internal venting system the LinerVent will also be studied as part of this project, to investigate the potential occurrence and prevention of liner collapse.

Further details of this project and how to become a part of the JIP may be viewed by following this LINK

Polymer lining delivering on its original promise of cost effective internal corrosion protection in carbon steel pipelines and risers.

New developments in polymer lining systems are now opening up the use of the technology to subsea and onshore pipeline industry contractors. In corrosive service environments previously dominated by the selection of high cost corrosion resistant alloy, opportunities are being presented for new applications of carbon steel pipe in combination a polymer liner. The resulting cost savings are significant.

Allan Feeney, Technical Operations Manager at Swagelining Limited will be discussing the way polymer lining connector advances are changing the pipeline industry’s approach to the use of carbon steel pipes in highly corrosive service at the Element Oilfield Engineering with Polymers Conference 2014. The conference will take place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London on 21st – 23rd October 2014. For further information on this conference CLICK HERE

To receive a copy of this paper after the event, please register your interest by completing the form on our ‘Contact’ page, and enter “Request Element Paper” in the Nature of Enquiry section.

Subsea 7 Pipeline Production Group lines up longer term cooperation with
Swagelining Limited

After a cooperation lasting for almost 4 years, Subsea 7’s Pipeline Production Group has awarded a Frame Agreement to Swagelining Limited for the provision of EPC services in polymer lining for subsea flowlines. Under the terms of the Frame Agreement, Swagelining Limited will retain responsibility for the lining system design, procurement of the polymer lining system architecture and fabrication, installation and termination of the lining system at site.

The Frame Agreement lasts for 3 years and covers support to Subsea 7 reeled and bundled flowline projects.

Three Steps in Polymer Progress to Support Technip in the North Sea

Swagelining Limited completed formal qualification of its polymer lining technology and services by completing a process led by Technip’s Offshore Engineering Division (OED). This has resulted in the company becoming a formally approved supplier for Technip.

Hard on the heels of this qualification, Technip in Norway awarded SWL a contract to deliver polymer lining services for its Marathon Boyla water injection flowline. This project has been successfully completed at Technip’s Evanton spoolbase.

Enterprise Framework Agreement awarded by Shell

Swagelining Limited (SWL) has been awarded a three-year Enterprise Framework Agreement (EFA) by Shell for supply of the solution to install polymer lining in carbon steel pipelines. Polymer lining is used to protect carbon steel pipelines from internal corrosion.

Under the terms of the EFA, SWL will provide engineering support to Shell at conceptual stages of pipeline projects, leading to execution of the solution. The EFA has a renewal option for two additional years.


At the forefront of development activities is the groundbreaking LinerBridge® Connector System. By the end of 2013, the company had made over 300 full scale welds inside carbon steel pipes to simulate actual environmental conditions. These welds were then subjected to destructive testing with more than 3200 tensile test specimens completed to date. Every LinerBridge® weld made gets mechanically tested to monitor weld properties meet the company’s standards (which are significantly above the industry specifications). Further details of the LinerBridge® Connector System are available elsewhere on this site and from the company on request.


Mobile Test Laboratory

Another example of this development commitment is the commissioning of the new Mobile Test Laboratory. This facility provides real time testing of fusion welds on site location. The fully equipped vehicle is outfitted with state of the art tensile testing equipment and tooling for test specimen preparation. Sample fusion weld from each shifts production are destructively tested to monitor the properties in production welding. The vehicle is mobilised as part of the Swagelining Limited equipment spread that supports the liner fabrication operation.
Further information on the Mobile Test Laboratory can be found be clicking here


Fusion Welding Improvement

One of the key performance indicators in the pipeline industry is the percentage of weld repairs made during the life of a project. Swagelining Limited wanted to create a step change in fusion welding. Starting with a review of global fusion welding standards and prescribed fusion parameters, the Technical Development Group established a widespread test program aimed at identifying the optimum weld parameters that would support the achievement of the initiative objectives:- process reliability, weld properties, repeatability, welder competence and cycle time. Throughout the project, fusion welds were made, times, tested and assessed until the optimised parameters were identified and captured. A system now exists for the development of project specific Weld Procedure Specifications that is grounded in test data supporting the parameters being applied.


On the first project where the revised WPS system was used, the company recorded its lowest ever repair rate whilst achieving its highest ever productivity.


Towing Engineering System developed

Installing polymer liners to pipelines requires the use of winches. Liners are pulled into the host pipeline with ropes under load. Taught ropes present a genuine safety risk to those working in the vicinity of the installation activity. Swagelining Limited decided that it would conduct a ‘root and branch’ review of its liner installation processes and in particular, the engineering procedures that underpin the design of the towing system. Every component in the towing system was subjected to review for suitability in isolation and working in tandem with other system components. The output of the review is a system for designing towing systems for liners. This provides a design base, specifications for each component in the system and includes appropriate safety factors. The system is now a central part of the company’s Operational readiness planning and governs the procurement of all items forming the liner towing system.



The cases described above are presented as a cross section of the company’s approach to the development of all aspects associated with the delivery of polymer lining technology. Over time, it is expected these cases will be removed and replaced with others as the continuous development process at work inside the company continues to break new ground.

Anyone wishing further information on any of the above subjects should use the ‘Contact Swagelining Limited’ facility on this website.

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